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DARE guides are experienced innerwise users, certified, specially trained and continually educated, filled with joy and a passion to help others grow. 

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You’ve played DARE and experienced its power and potential? You have a loving heart and plenty of life experience?You’re already using innerwise in your life and with other people?You want to guide people as they play DARE themselves, so they can change their own lives? 

Then I invite you to become a DARE guide.

After a special training program, you’ll be ready to host DARE DAY and play DARE TO B’RICHED with a small group of people or offer Game Nights.

The DARE Guide Training Program

innerwise workshops: intuitive diagnostics & healing
DARE Workshop with Uwe
Applying to become a DARE guide
DARE guide training with Uwe
Assisting Uwe during a DARE workshop
Becoming a DARE guide
The Game

Discover the game and its possibilities

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DARE Events & Workshops

Dare Days, Game Nights and Workshops

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Uwe Albrecht
How It All Started

DARE TO B’RICHED is part of the innerwise family which also includes a self-help and professional healing system, an analysis and diagnostics system and a consulting system.
These give the tools to anyone who wants them to be able to understand and shape their own lives in a comprehensive way — intuitively, playfully, free from drama, analytically and verifiably.

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