For everyone who is ready and has the courage to become his or her own therapist and coach. Nothing changes your life more sustainably than understanding and clearing it yourself.

Learn how to use and play DARE with a DARE Guide during a one-day session.

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If you have the courage, change your life in just one day.Play DARE TO B’RICHED with a DARE Guide.
Through playful learning, we say goodbye to the old world and make our way into the new world together.
You are a human being of the new world, so gather all your courage and grant yourself this day that will change your life. It will feel light and playful. Almost without noticing it, you’ll clear major issues, think deeply about life and end the day as a free human being, in all your strength and beauty.
Certified DARE Guides host these one-day sessions in which you play DARE together with a group of like-minded people. The Guides ensure optimal success, a good atmosphere, deep insight and honesty. Self-deception doesn’t stand a chance!

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The Game

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Uwe Albrecht
How It All Started

DARE TO B’RICHED is part of the innerwise family which also includes a self-help and professional healing system, an analysis and diagnostics system and a consulting system.
These give the tools to anyone who wants them to be able to understand and shape their own lives in a comprehensive way — intuitively, playfully, free from drama, analytically and verifiably.

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