A new innerwise method, developed by Uwe Albrecht, for arriving in the Here, Now and Self, so you can be present in life.

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de(ə)r tōō bē riCHd
(I wish I could see your mouth when you try to pronounce it.)


DARE = to have the courage to try something
TO = to
B’RICHED = a new word created by innerwise: to be enriched
Coming home = coming home

If you want to meet life, you must be YOURSELF in the HERE and NOW!

Live integrity, the greatest tool for healing in your life!Put your full presence in the Now! Come into the Here, into being alive!Become Yourself once again! Surrender to life and experience fulfillment and flow. Live your life purpose!

And have fun doing it... classic innerwise.

For individuals, couples, teams, projects and more.

YES! I want to:

be myself

finally live

put an end to manipulations

be present

be in the Here and Now

let go and surrender to life

find purpose

The Game

Discover the game and its possibilities

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DARE Events & Workshops

Dare Days, Game Nights and Workshops

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Therapy and Coaching Reinvented

Back in the old days...

People who were dealing with illnesses, deficiencies or addictions would go to a therapist, coach or a doctor to “get worked on” for an hour. 

“Fix me, heal me, rescue me, solve my problems, show me the way... I’ll be happy to come back more often.”

Welcome to the new world...

People dealing with illnesses, deficiencies or addictions now dare to finally grow up and take their lives into their own hands. 

Former therapists, coaches or doctors show them the playful DARE tools and support them in playing. 

People who formerly dealt with illness, deficiencies or addictions now find the blockages, disruptive patterns and irritations on their own, amazed at how ingeniously they can shape their own lives and be free.  

Now, life can share its gifts with them.

People share their experiences 
of playing DARE TO B’RICHED

Life, I trust you completely and I hope you trust me too.

“The game is easy to use and it’s fun – it’s a game, after all! If you think of the example of an iceberg, it makes perfect sense. Only the tip of the iceberg is visible to our eyes and conceivable to our rational minds. The much large part of it escapes our view and our understanding. With this game, your rational mind only comes into play to the extent that is useful. It doesn’t stand a chance of inserting itself any further than that. What ‘plays out’ here is really our innermost, our inner knowledge, our inner wisdom.”

Heidi Vollmer

Very deeply healing

“The path through these six games is not only fun but also clears many things, some of which I’ve been dragging along with me for decades. You can also go through the sequence at home without any problems, and it becomes easier and easier from one time to the next. You can quickly see its effects in your life: more lightness, more clarity, finding it easier to let go, achieving a state of surrender and life flow, and taking joy in finding your life purpose. These are truly precious gifts for which I am incredibly thankful.”

Ute Ritter


“The first feedback I gave after the course: for many years, I was searching for myself, moving from coaching to therapy. Nothing ever helped for very long. Then, after two days in the DARE TO B’RICHED course, I feel very present and in the flow. The children come to me, I am open, and everything runs more harmoniously. I have the feeling that I have arrived at myself and in life. I will definitely keep using and exploring this game in greater depth for myself and those around me. Thank you so much for everything!”

Melanie Däppen

Also works on my husband (an economics professor).

“Since attending the course, I feel great. I need very little sleep, yet still I am fit. People are coming up to me all the time and telling me how good I look. I’ve even run into people who didn’t recognize me at first. So far, I’ve worked through about seven issues with myself and I was truly astonished by what came to the surface. In short, I never could have achieved that in this lifetime if I would have treated each issue individually using my old methods. I believe this game is a blessing to all who use it.”

Ines Rönick


“I am impressed time and time again at how easy it is. DARE simply shows what’s going on. It doesn’t take any drama, any catharsis or any repeat appointments. DARE has shown me the concentrated form of innerwise.”

Gesine Blohm

Now, I’m ready for life

"DARE can be really be used for anything and everything. I’ve tried it on all sorts of issues, and it has proven to be a useful remedy whenever I need it.”  

Course participant

For adults only

“To me, it’s a wonderful game with great potential and many possible uses. After the course, I went home with all the input and inspiration from Uwe and I’ve played the game every day – sometimes more than once – virtually and with drawings, two- and three-dimensionally. My clients are also impressed with DARE and its effectiveness.”

Cristina Heinrich

Game of the century

“My inner detective was overjoyed. No stone was left unturned. Nothing could remain hidden. I was able to clear many things and I felt so relieved and reinvigorated. I was able to feel even more strongly what it means to BE present in the Here and Now, what is holding me back and what I can do myself. A feeling of relief, of freedom, to be able to free yourself with a game! I have room to live in all directions, room to breathe! Since then, I’ve ‘played’ DARE TO B’RICHED with many different people. This experience has been a liberating gift for everyone.”

Fiona Geraets

Not for victims

“I’m fascinating time and time again by the new reality that blockages, influences and interdependences that were once so hard to pin down that it was tempting to simply dismiss them as ‘inner demons’ and/or to question my own clarity and fitness for testing can now suddenly be recognized in total clarity, understood and easily cleared. I feel it is an incredible gift, how in-depth processes of change can now be easily set in motion and run their course with ease, completely free from drama.”

Sabine Kreft

Classic innerwise

“Thanks to DARE, I take even greater personal responsibility, because playing it made clear to me that ultimately everything is my choice. Even the fact that I was given the drug Tofranil as a child and I’ve always thought that this had put a lid on my personality couldn’t be further from the truth: I chose that myself. I have gained an enormous amount of energy and my life is so different now: more self-determined, less cluttered, clearer and less compromised.”

Beatrix Kramer

Doctors and therapists won’t be seeing much of me any more…

“For a long time, I’ve been wishing that I didn’t have to treat my patients individually, as is usually the case. To a much greater extent, I see it as my duty to show them possibilities with which they can become creative and active themselves, so they can become independent and free. In my view, DARE TO B’RICHED is the best possibility for that.’

Heidi Vollmer

Therapy is fun again.

“For many months, I’ve been using this game every day for myself. It’s just so easy and effective, and only takes 1-2 minutes if you use it every day.”

Petra Angelika Bublitz

Uwe Albrecht
How It All Started

DARE TO B’RICHED is part of the innerwise family which also includes a self-help and professional healing system, an analysis and diagnostics system and a consulting system.
These give the tools to anyone who wants them to be able to understand and shape their own lives in a comprehensive way — intuitively, playfully, free from drama, analytically and verifiably.

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